BLW and why it's not for us

26 October 2018

BLW (baby led weening) is the way we're supposed to ween our little ones and get them used to exploring food and developing their hand-eye coordination. When Freddie was tiny we I looked into Traditional and BLW and decided that we were going to use a mixture of both. In theory this seemed like a wonderful idea but the reality was very different, here's why BLW just isn't for us.


When it comes to weening it's advised to look into infant first aid so that you know how to handle (god forbid) a choking a baby safely and correctly. I know infant first aid and I know what to do and what not to do and in any other circumstance I would probably be able to pretty much put everything perfectly into practice but not with Freddo. I am an utter knobhead when it comes to Freddie and choking, to the point where it's dangerous but at least I can hold my hands up to it and avoid putting him in danger. I was desperate for Freddie to try more hand food and scoured the internet as well as asked friends and family what foods were suitable, I've seen babies of his age munching on toast and all sorts without choking but I'm just too scared. I've tried him with specific baby hand foods for his age group like baby Biscotti and as soon as he gagged, I took it off him and scooped the food out of his mouth - which is a really stupid thing to do. After this, I realised that although Freddie might be ready for hand food, I certainly am not and putting us both through the stress of trying just isn't worth it. I know there's a difference between gagging and choking and I know that babies learn how much food their little mouths can handle but we just can't deal with it just yet.

The Mess 

BLW is messy, there's no doubt about and babies in general are messy but it's also okay to not like the mess. I can't handle Freddie, the floor, his clothes, the high chair, the cat and me being covered in food because he wants to squish it all up in his hands and crumble it all over the place. My Mum is also very squeamish and has Emetophobia so seeing Freddie with food all over the place would really put her off...and me for that matter. I'd rather spoon-feed him and keep the mess at a minimum whilst I can. It is inevitable that at some point during the process there will be food everywhere but there's nowt wrong with avoiding whilst you can...if you want to.

Food is for fun 

For me, it isn't. Ensuring Freddie gets all the right nutrients and vitamins is more important than exploring / playing with food. I want to make sure that he's having three meals a day and getting enough Iron and vitamin D so that he can be as healthy as possible and food certainly isn't fun when I'm yanking it our of his hand because I've changed my mind about whether he can handle it.

Traditional Weening takes time 

Feeding Freddie with a spoon can take a long time especially if he's being distracted or getting used to a new flavour, we can often be sitting at the table for a good half hour but I enjoy that time, we talk and engage (mostly about Da-deeee and how wonderful he is) but we chat nonetheless and sometimes we share food and have spoon-planes. I'm not saying BLW causes less engagement but I'd rather be able to chat to Freddie during his meal times than be holding my breath or running around the room in a panic because he's bitten off more than he can chew.

He still has some hand food 

The kid isn't confined to totally being spoon fed, I'm not that much of a wimp; he can confidently chomp on a rusk without any issues and I can almost confidently watch and smile at him at the same time which is progress. I'm gradually letting him have a go with new things and although he's ready to shove as much of everything possible in his gob, I'm not and that's ok. If you're a massive stressy worrying mess like me when it comes to weening it's alright to take step back and go at your own pace, your baby might be ready to take on the world like mine but I'd rather be a confident Mum and 100% sure of what I'm doing than take a risk.

For the hundredth time...

I don't have an issue with anyone else doing BLW, in theory I think it's a great idea and I take my hat off to parents who do it but it's just not for us and that's ok.


  1. I can totally understand your fears with BLW! I was so incredibly scared at first, too. It took a while to get used to it for me. We spoon-fed our daughter as well in the beginning, absolutely nothing wrong with that!

    If you do want to brave BLW again I highly recommend steamed broccoli (built-in handles!) And sweet potato, too! It really is messy LOL thankfully we have dogs, so the message was always cleaned up for us.

    Just as a note though if you are feeding him formula he will get his vitamin D & Iron as well so no need to worry about those nutrients :)

    You're doing a great job, mama!

  2. It wasn't for me either! I was a single mum, poor. I made up my own purees and used them, but I honestly couldn't handle seeing the food all over the floor.. it killed my bank balance. lol I would give him things to eat himself, like fruit but overall I fed him with a spoon, its all to do with preference and what is best for you! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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