Date night with McDelivery #AD

7 November 2018

Date night, it wasn’t even a thing for us four years ago. Every night was date night. We were in the first stages of love and every weekend was a night out / in with too much wine and our week nights consisted of a well thought out meal cooked by one of us or both of us because we were just that cute back then. These days we’d love a date night, we often talk about date night and how amazing it would be to go out out and drink and dance, laugh and creep in in the early hours and spend the morning (whole day) in bed watching films and napping. 
This post is in collaboration with McDelivery
Life isn’t like that anymore, since our bundle of blonde, giggling joy arrived, date night is just an idea and it’s not for a lack of trying. We often think that we’ll get a sitter, dress up and go out for a fancy dinner but I have nothing to wear, Luke doesn’t like the food and we’re skint. Sometimes we just can’t be bothered, after a week of work and not breaking the baby we slump down on the sofa, get the TV on and sink into a series secretly hoping the other will get up with the baby in the morning.

We could cook together or for one another like we used to but that also takes time and effort and whilst I always ensure our cupboards are jam packed with tubs of formula, jars of little dinners, puffy crisps and rusks, us adults barley have a bag of crisps between us. By the time we realise we have no food or energy we’ve already both slyly put PJs on to avoid having to be the one to go out and get some grub. Naturally Luke always loses this argument and has to reluctantly go out and do some hunting and gathering but that all changed now because, McDelivery has come to Bedford! 

On these cold and dark nights we can happily snuggle up in PJ’s, get the TV on, open up the UberEats and app and order our favourite meals; (that’s a Chicken Legend for Luke, McNuggets for me with fries and a Coca-Cola The app is so easy to order from, using card or Paypal to make payments with; as soon the order has been collected we watch our driver via the app (who we may or may not be on first name terms with) whizz over the bridge and up the road to our house. An excellent feature of the ordering process is the expected arrival time, if we get this right we can make sure the baby is asleep in time and really get settled for our perfect 'McDate' night. 

So if you’re in Bedford and struggling for date night inspiration, join the lazy-date revolution and download the UberEats app, get your PJs on and snuggle up in the comfort of your own home and wait for your food to be 'McDelivered'. 


  1. Officially craving McDonald's now and might have to persuade my fiance to go get some for lunch now. Honestly, our little one is now 2 and even though the grandparents are always happy to have him so we can go on a date night, we literally haven't been for the last 6 months. With planning for our wedding that is just a few months away and organising other things and working, time is so limited. I wish we had this where we live but unfortunately, we will have to continue to walk the dreaded 20 minutes to go pick up our MaccyDs (p.s if this doesn't come to our town, I might cry chicken nuggets for 10 days) xx

  2. THIS IS GOALS. I want a McDonalds now, I love McDonalds. YUM!!! I wonder if we have Uber Eats :P

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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