Skincare honesty

Let's be real here, too often I sleep with a full face on and for no other reason than I'm downright lazy and pretty much every day I use baby wipes to remove my make up (I hear a beauty blogger loses their soul every time this is admitted) but we all know I am brutally honest around these parts so if you're looking for a seventeen step skincare routine you're in the wrong place hun.

I have however massively stepped up my skincare game and found a routine that I can be arsed with, doesn't cost the earth and actually works actual wonders for my skin. They say you have to hit rock bottom before you can recover and after a night of sleeping in Bad Gal Bang mascara I woke up the next morning to my lashes practically glued together. After changing Freddie's nappy and looking in the mirror I noticed I looked like that sad snapchat filter and used the baby wipe in my hand to wipe the smudges away.

That baby wipe had shit on it. 

After cleansing my face and vowing to never tell anyone this story I jumped onto M&S beauty and The Ordinary to pick up some products to try and save my skin and apologise for the shit facial and here's a little round up what is making my face happy at the moment.

For reference I have dry skin prone to hormonal breakouts on the chin and mouth area and darkness around the eyes. 

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution - to tackle those dark circles and make me look more awake. I've found this is working wonders at blurring those crows feet that are creeping up in my old age 

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid - This stuff is a miracle at keeping my skin moisturised, I apply it at night and it's stopped my from getting random patches of dryness that make my foundation go all patchy and shut 

The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors (cream) - I've been using this as a primer and it does a great job as well as adding some long-lasting moisture that sees me through the day 

Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk - I use this to apologise for those times when I sleep in make-up or a couple of times a week to give my skin a nice fresh boost 

Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser - This is my every day cleanser and pretty much does what it says on the bottle. I sweat by Image Skincare and you'll usually find me raving about this in the bath on Instastories 

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic - Believe the hype, probably almost everyone's holy grail product and understandably so, it gently exfoliates and tones my skin to create a nice natural glow and it something that breaks my heart when I run out 

Garnier Micellar Water - A staple in most people's skincare routine and something that does a good job of getting rid of that first layer of slap

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Cream - Lucy gave me this because her skin just couldn't get on with it (read about it here), just goes to show how different everyone is and that you shouldn't always believe the hype. Fortunately this works wonders for me, Like Lucy said in her post, it's a proper heavy cream and not something you should be applying if you're in a rush - I use it as a night cream and my skin drinks it up

So there you have it, a list of products that I use instead of shit because I have learnt that shit doesn't feel nice on the face. In all seriousness, I've noticed a massive improvement in my skin since I've stuck to this routine; I'm not breaking out and my skin is a much more even base for make-up and it's faff free, easy to manage and doesn't cost the earth (minus the cream from Lucy that definitely does cost the earth).


  1. haha love this, no joke, found a little piece of baby shit on my engagement ring the other day and I have many times found it on my wrists or the floor. Babies are hard work!

  2. Oh how I love you shitty face. Love a bit of the ordinary too, and i'm all about the glow tonic!

    Erin || MakeErinOver