Monday, 21 January 2019

My (short lived) Coil Fitting Experience

You can bet your arse that if there’s a 1/1000 chance of something happening that it will happen to me. Contraception was a big concern after having Freddie – The Depo injection is what caused my infertility so I was incredibly wary of hormonal contraception as we want more children at some point. At eight weeks post-partum I was put on the mini-pill by a GP to try and stem the bleeding a  bit, it had been going on a while and after haemorrhaging during the birth it was affecting my iron levels resulting in me needing to take iron tablets which was making me have those gargantuan iron tablet shits that are absolutely terrifying when your faj is torn to shreds. Anyway, the mini-pill didn’t work and during another faj check up with another GP, I mentioned this and she scoffed and told me that I needed to be on the combined pill to stop the bleeding and get my cycle on track. She put me on Yasmin, a pill that I remembered being on years ago but couldn’t recollect any specific issues; this time I did, I went mental and you can read about it here. 


Monday, 14 January 2019

NYK1 Tanforce | Honest Review

We all know I love a fake tan, I mean, I really really love a natural tan but that doesn’t happen very often. I’m also a shameless tanner, that means that I don’t apply it with care, if I haven’t got patchy hands then I’ve not, not done it properly and I’m not too fussed about pre-tan prep. Luke is a bit different; he likes to get everything right and take…absolutely…ages…to…do…anything. So when Babushka PR got in touch and offered to send us the NYK1 Secrets tan to try out, I nominated Luke as tribute.


Sunday, 6 January 2019

You don't need to Mummy Shame

Urgh, I hate the term 'Mummy Shaming' but knobhead Mums doesn't have the same, twee ring to it so we'll have to make do. It bugs me when things like this are given an exclusive term because it means that not only are there enough people around doing it, but it also kind of makes it acceptable and when you put mummy in front of anything it makes it sound much less serious. 


Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Hey 2019

It's been a Luke Warm minute since I last posted on here. If I'm honest, I've struggled with content and haven't posted anything that I haven't deemed *worthy*. Anoushka got me thinking a lot about blogging in her recent post and it's made me a little more motivated to switch things up a little for 2019; we're in very similar positions, I doubt blogging would ever be a career for me and it's not something I'm aiming for, I've been distracted by people who do want this and have created an entire "brand" and almost (via not posting as often as I've maybe wanted to) lost my blog's integrity. 

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