Hey 2019

It's been a Luke Warm minute since I last posted on here. If I'm honest, I've struggled with content and haven't posted anything that I haven't deemed *worthy*. Anoushka got me thinking a lot about blogging in her recent post and it's made me a little more motivated to switch things up a little for 2019; we're in very similar positions, I doubt blogging would ever be a career for me and it's not something I'm aiming for, I've been distracted by people who do want this and have created an entire "brand" and almost (via not posting as often as I've maybe wanted to) lost my blog's integrity. 

The Blog 

It's never been a magazine style editorial nor has it been a diary bursting with lengthy streams of consciousness it's been more of a 'if I've got summat to say, I'll say it" kind of deal and that's what I want to get back in to, talking about stuff for the sake of it rather than to get baaare likes and views. Blogging can be a great little side earner and there are loads of perks to it but I don't think it'll be my career so, 2019 will be the year that I stop comparing myself to the bigger dogs and carry on writing about some stuff for the sake of writing about stuff. 


Last year, I delved head first into the land of Youtube and haven't looked back. My videos are mainly vlogs for Freddie to look back on. The process of editing is something that I really enjoy and find relaxing; with this in mind Luke bought me a v. basic camera for my birthday and July and I vlogged Freddie's first holiday - I quickly outgrew this camera and was desperately looking for something with better specs and that was affordable - Lolz didn't happen. Then my Mum gave me the shocker of buying me the Canon G7X mark 2 for Christmas and now my videos are on fiya. Going forward I plan to create more vlogs maybe some sit down vids and family related stuff - I don't want to go down the route of being a cheesy Youtube family because we're far from it and swear too much to get monetised. The majority of my videos have very little dialogue in them, as I said, they're more for us to look back on than creating engaging content for our thirty viewers but we'll see where this takes us in the new year, I mean if I can make millions from filming my day you can bet your arse I'll go for it. 


Instagram has been my platform of 2018. It all started off with my Faj Updates and kind of grew from there. I stripped Instagram back to what it was half way through the year when I was getting stressed about people "copying" my theme and content - I decided to stop caring and post what I want and when I want and it's worked wonders and weirdly in doing so, I've created somewhat of a 'brand' that's lead to me being a nominee in the UK Blog Awards, something I never thought would happen. 

In 2019 you can pretty much expect the same from me but with more videos, maybe less faj updates as it finally heals and a bit more stuff on here. I'll be kicking things off later in the week with a post about Mummy Shaming and after that...well I haven't got a clue mate. 

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  1. YAY for more on here. And for more YouTube too! I finally subscribed - I can't believe I wasn't before! And you know I love your instagram! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver