My (short lived) Coil Fitting Experience

21 January 2019

You can bet your arse that if there’s a 1/1000 chance of something happening that it will happen to me. Contraception was a big concern after having Freddie – The Depo injection is what caused my infertility so I was incredibly wary of hormonal contraception as we want more children at some point. At eight weeks post-partum I was put on the mini-pill by a GP to try and stem the bleeding a  bit, it had been going on a while and after haemorrhaging during the birth it was affecting my iron levels resulting in me needing to take iron tablets which was making me have those gargantuan iron tablet shits that are absolutely terrifying when your faj is torn to shreds. Anyway, the mini-pill didn’t work and during another faj check up with another GP, I mentioned this and she scoffed and told me that I needed to be on the combined pill to stop the bleeding and get my cycle on track. She put me on Yasmin, a pill that I remembered being on years ago but couldn’t recollect any specific issues; this time I did, I went mental and you can read about it here. 

In Bedford (In August)  I had gone for a Coil consultation after hearing great things about from my pal Lauren (Hey Bean) I was told that I could have the coil fitted and that my appointment would be booked in for December – an absolute lifetime away. I bided my time, adamant that I didn’t want to take any oral contraception and the injection and implant were categorical big fat no. I wasn’t told much about the coil during my consultation but opted to have the Mirena as there was only a small amount of hormone (progesterone) released directly into the uterus and it lasted for three years rather than the five of the copper coil. In between all of this Luke and I decided to move to Crewe so I made sure that I booked a consultation at the local sexual health clinic ASAP to get the ball rolling again, anticipating a lengthy wait time like Bedford but I was seen within a week and consultation was much more…consulatationy? The GP went through how the coil works and we decided that the Jaydess would probably be better for because of the scarring and he even showed me a life size model which was fascinating. I was booked in for a fitting within two weeks and advised to take the day off work to as the cramps and be somewhat uncomfortable. I skipped out of the clinic quite chuffed with the info I’d been given and the quicker service. 

The fitting day came around and I didn’t think much of it, I dropped Freddie off at nursery and made my way to my appointment. The GP that I saw was lovely and went through the details of the procedure explaining that the main risk is uterine perforation and that there was a 1/1000 chance of it happening and that she hadn’t done it yet – poor woman. I lay on the bed with all my bits out not really feeling much as this is pretty normal for me these days. The speculum was uncomfortable (when aren’t they) but specifically where my scar tissue is thick, it pulled a little but I powered through, the next part wasn’t too fabulous as my cervix (which is long and to the back) wasn’t behaving and had to be clamped which stung, a lot. 

Once it was clamped in place and not pissing about, the GP measured my uterus, this hurt a lot! I felt, well like I had been stabbed in the uterus but didn't think much of it as Uterine perforations are supposed to be proper mega dead bad painful. The GP carried on with inserting the coil which, albeit not the best thing I've done on a Wednesday morning probably wasn't the worst either. She commented that she had made me bleed a little which we had expected as I was due on and had spotted the previous day. What we didn't expect was for me to haemorrhage all over her, bed floor, myself, the nurse and chair. When we realised the bleeding wasn't going to stop any time soon I was popped back on the bed with legs akimbo as she took the coil out - two minutes it lasted, two. 

The bleeding carried on and on and on and after being padded up to my eyeballs and having several nurses come in to have a look and see where the bleeding was coming from the decision was made to call an ambulance. This shit me up a bit, my two biggest fears are dying and leaving Fred without a Mum or Fred dying and leaving me without a gnome, the ambulance call brought home how serious the situation and was and thought of being in hospital all alone was terrifying but I kept my cool because I'm a badass like that and made awkward jokes to hide my nerves. The ambulance took ages to in it didn't. Because I was already a medical facility I wasn't considered  dying enough to be picked up, even though the Dr's didn't have the facilities to y'know, give me a blood transfusion. I was told there would be a 4 hour wait until it would get me and I had to stay in the surgery so they could monitor me. My GP and I took this time to discuss the pill because the coil was absolutely no longer an option, we settled for Gedarel which I'll write another post about one day when I can be arsed.

After 2 hours, another couple of goes with the speculum and a few more people having a peep down my cervix, the bleeding had stopped, stopped enough for me to be able to move without impersonating the Trevi Fountain and I had some colour back in my face. The ambulance dispatcher called back to see how I was doing and suggested sending a taxi. The GP wasn't happy with letting me go alone and I wasn't happy going at all so I ate some biscuits and had some water. We decided that my fountain of a uterus wasn't going to turn on again and I was well(ish) enough to go home...but not alone. All my family and friends were at work apart from my Grandma who was celebrating her birthday with a quiet day at home, until I called saying I'd tried get the coil fitted, bled everywhere and needed babysitting for the rest of the day. She picked me up and bundled me home to her house where my very concerned Granddad talked in code about my 'sore throat' and there was cheesecake!

The bleeding had really eased off but I was getting some uncomfortable cramps and my cervix was stinging from that clamp so I took Thursday off to rest and decided to go back to work on Friday. That was a mistake - the walk to Freddie's nursery and back to work must've really pissed my womb off because by 10:30 I was in the office toilets looking for the Trevi Fountain stop cock thinking I was going to die in the loo and no one would know. Bearing in mind this was my second week at work and I didn't know anyone, I was panicking a bit but once again kept my cool and managed to tell some of the girls and waddle home. Half way there I bled even more, at this point my blue jeans had a red arse and crotch and people were looking at me, I half jogged the rest of the way and spent the rest of the afternoon on the loo. Once again, the bleeding eased off and as the pill started to kick in my body got back to normal and I started to feel better.

I think the bleeding was a result of a ruptured uterus - I didn't think it was at first because the pain wasn't unbearable but I do have strong pain threshold and that sharp stabbing pain when my uterus was measured wasn't supposed to happen. A ruptured uterus isn't as bad as it sounds and three months later you'd never know it happened. I could be a knobhead and complain about the GP and try and sue the NHS etc. but I'm not bothered, shit happens and it has to happen to someone. The care I received before, during and after the event was second to none. People make mistakes, Doctors and Nurses are still humans and what happened to me wasn't because of medical neglect, it was just something that happened and whilst you can bet your arse that I am never getting the coil fitted again in my life, I hold no ill-feeling toward to the people that looked after me during that experience.


  1. I am so sorry this happened to you, hope you are doing well and well done for spreading the message so other women are aware of the side effects! x

  2. I fucking love you issy. Everything from sharing the experience and putting it down to shit happening is just everything I wish people were like. I was so worried about you this day, and i'm so glad you are okay now!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. honestly this is enough to be put off the coil forever omg. glad you're doing okay after!

  4. Wow what an eventful time you’ve had! :( you’ve certainly got a way with words lol! What a read- I felt squeamish in parts (and I thought I had a strong stomach) hats off to you hun, your certainly a trouper! xxxx

  5. Wow! That sounds horrific!

    I thought I had a bad experience with the coil - I couldn't deal with the pain so I asked them to stop trying to fit it part way through. I went outside to the bus stop and started to feel a bit odd. I got on a bus and felt sick and too hot but there was nowhere to sit. Next thing I know, I've woken up on the floor and there's a man and the bus driver standing over me asking if I'm epileptic. I managed to get off the bus and sat on the pavement and the man from the bus came and checked I was ok. Then this other guy came up and said he'd like to pray with me, which was really unhelpful while the world was spinning and I felt sick. But the bleeding you had sounds far worse.

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