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Post-partum hair loss

 Post-partum hair loss wasn’t something that played on my mind after having Freddie. I think that after all complications with the stuff down there I didn’t have the time or energy to focus on something else. It also wasn’t something that I was too aware of; I’d noticed Alice speaking about it on twitter but hadn’t looked into it much. When I was pregnant my skin and hair went on a major hormonal induced glow up and I lived for it. Pregnancy and birth aren’t the only causes for hair loss, find more information on hair loss in women here.

This post is in collaboration with Harley Street Hair Clinic
During the first trimester my hair and skin really suffered, my hair became lank, dry and dull and the blonde was too hard to maintain so I went back to brown to give it a break. My skin was terribly dry but also suffering greasy breakouts and I didn’t really know what to do with myself. Fast forward to my second trimester and my hair became glorious, it was growing at a rate never seen before and it was thick, shiny and soft. I felt like a moon-faced mermaid most of the time and it gave me much joy. After Freddie I was still glowing, my mermaid hair and squishy plump skin hid the terrors that lurked below and made me look like I knew what day it was.

It wasn’t until Freddie was about four months old that I noticed my hair start to change, the few split ends I had started creeping up the lengths of my hair. It began to dry out very quickly and the slightest bit of heat would make it almost shrivel up. I went to get a haircut to try and ease off the damage and although the split ends were gone; my hair didn’t seem to improve in texture. After the first post-cut wash  it was back to being dry and lank.

I didn’t let this bother me, I wasn’t feeling anywhere like myself anyway so having manky hair was the least of my worries. These things happen after birth and there’s little you can do to prevent it, I just had to be kinder to my hair and let it do it’s thing. As the weeks went on I noticed more and more hair fall out during washes as well as being all over my lap when I blow dried my hair. When tied back I almost had a widow’s peak where the hair had fallen out on the sides of my head and my hair was snapping in some places when I used heat. Again, I didn’t let this bother me – I couldn’t be bothered to stress over it, I decided that when / if my hair got a bit healthier I’d treat myself to a new style, or change the colour or do something to make me feel myself.

Sure enough, six – seven months later my hair started to feel slightly thicker and less dry. I had managed to get it back to blonde very gradually with the use of low peroxide box dyes (I only ever used to put semi-permanent dark colours on my hair because it’s easier to lighten) After another hair cut and a lot of toning my hair was finally at a stage that I felt comfortable with and more like myself.

Ten months later and it’s finally growing back, my widows peak now has little tufts of baby hair growing around it that are very hard to tame but it’s feeling much healthier and is getting close to my previous pregnant mermaid length. Women go through so much during pregnancy and birth, it’s almost cruel that hair loss has to be added on to it; I refused to let it bother me but that was only due to other issues that I had going on. When we fall pregnant we give our bodies to that little being for nine months, we go through so many changes and pains and downs through the process that once a baby is born all we want to do is be ourselves and for some women, hair loss can really have an impact on that process and it’s just another thing we have no control over and just have to wait out and see what happens at the end.

It's incredible how much hormones can have an effect on our bodies, I'm always amazed that things like hair, mood, skin and everything else can be so dramatically impacted by hormonal changes and that things can also go back to normal so quickly. If you're suffering from hair loss, like Harley Street Hair Clinic suggest, it's important to find the cause and remember that more often than not hair will recover and return to it's usual growth but if not, there is help out there. 


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  1. My hair has been grey since my pregnancy, at 20. It's SHIT. Hormones can suck sometimes lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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