Saturday, 16 February 2019

I had a Stroke

I had a stroke and got carted off to Stoke. Not a sentence I thought I'd be writing at 28 years old but here we are, exactly a week since it happened and I'm just about getting used to being a 'stroke survivor' and being in recovery. I mentioned to the girls in the group chat how it's incredible how much my life can change in a week; last week I was getting back into the swing of things with work, taking Freddie to Rhyme Time at the library and my Mum for lunch and now I'm needing escorting everywhere, talking out of the side of my mouth with no idea when I'll be able to work again.


Monday, 4 February 2019

Starting Work and Nursery

Going back to work was never an issue for me, that was when I was going back to my job of five years for two days a week. Things got a little more complicated when we decided to move half way up the country , get new jobs and start full-time. Finding a childminder for Freddie was never an issue as a family friend own a setting that three other family kids have gone to without any issues and My Mum has been kind enough to have Freddie on her two days off each week allowing us to work full-time and reducing childcare costs. I thought it’d be a breeze and go swimmingly but it’s been a hard process and something that we’re all still adjusting to.

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