Freddie's one year review

28 February 2019

Freddie had his 12 month assessment with the Health Visitor this week so I thought it was a good time to have a go at one of these review posts. I haven't done them before because in all honesty I've not been that fussed about his development; not in the sense that I'm not bothered that or how he develops but more that it's not been something that we've been getting stressed or concerned about (obviously if there were any red flags we'd act accordingly) but there hasn't been much to write home about - he's just been getting along nicely. Rather than harp on about centile lines and milestones I'm going be scoring Freddie out of ten on certain aspects of his being and then giving him an overall annual score because that is the kind of arsehole Mum I am.

Appearance and Aesthetic - 9/10 

Freddie scores highly in this category, he was a cracking looking newborn with none of that potato or alien nonsense. He's always looked like Fred but has just got bigger and grown teeth. His smile instantly makes me smile which doesn't help when I'm trying to tell him off for nicking my phone and that hair, OMG that hair, it is a shade of blonde sent from the angels and I couldn't be more jealous if I tried. 

Communication 5/10 

Whilst Fred says a lot of words for a one year the fact that he still calls me A Hag dramatically lowers his score. This week he loudly shouted ASDA in the middle of the store, he shouts 'Dad Up' when he wants to get up and his favourite words to shout at us are GARDEN, MASCARA and ALBERT. He also gives fabulous cuddles and will head-but you if he'd like a kiss. 

Moving Around 4/10 

Fred could be a crawling athlete and smash the baby 100 metres but he also thinks he's a ballerina and hasn't worked out that he can balance best when he's flat footed. He loves cruising around the furniture more than life and would ideally like to be able to climb the stairs.

Playing 10/10 

Playing is Freddie's strong point, this kid can find joy in anything and mostly likes to play with the wheels of his buggy, toy cars, his hammer and peg thing, his fire engine and any musical instrument available.  

Growing teeth and his body and stuff  10/10 

He's been fab at growing, not only has he done it but he's barely kicked up a fuss. He's got 7 teeth at the moment and he's barely woken in the night with them or even demonstrated that he's been uncomfortable. He seems to take everything in his stride and smiles all the way through as though nothing is happening. He's kept a full head of hear (it'll probably be the last time) since he was born; there was a time around the 6 month mark that his big ass head made his hair look barely there but he's grown into it now and needs his mop cutting quite regularly. 

Eating 7/10 

Freddie would love to eat everything and anything but he's not the best at it; arguably my fault for being such a wimp when it came to self-feeding but Freddie doesn't seem to know how to not shove all the food down his throat and not choke but he is getting there but it does make watching him eat somewhat stressful so he's getting marked down. He's eating three meals a day with snacks thrown between, he doesn't like wet/squishy food too much and would prefer to be spoon-fed anything soggy that might touch his precious little hands. His favourite foods are baked beans, chocolate buttons and chicken. We're trying to get him used to drinking out of a beaker but he likes to take one sip at a time and then splash the rest of the contents all over the place like an absolute lunatic.

Sleeping 10/10 

My little wonderful baby boy has slept through pretty much since he was born and continues to do so, there have been the odd nights when he's been unwell that he's woken up and occasion he's struggled to get himself off to sleep at bedtime but we're still very lucky not sleep deprived parents. 

Health 4/10 

Thankfully there haven't been any major health concerns or any at all for that matter but I do have a sneaking suspicion that Freddie is an actual germ; this kid has picked up almost every bug that exists and caused me no end of stomach and cold problems as well as making me take all the time off work because he's so gross. His nose has been running since October and I can't tell you how much of his snot I've eaten. 

Overall Annual Score 8/10 

Freddie has excelled at developing and stuff, he's an absolute delight to be around and I still can't believe we even had him. We've had a really really rough year but he's been the reason why we've kept going and pushed through all the shit. His smiling face every morning is enough to make us forget the troubles of yesterday and his funny sense of humour and enthusiasm for adventure keeps us motived but the snot and germs bring him down to reasonable 8/10, would recommend, room for improvement. 

Photo credit to @rhiannonfox


  1. hahah I love how you scored him. he is ADORABLE! So automatically gets a 10. Blonde hair is a killer too, such a cutie pie!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. I can tell that he first year pass so fast. It is a wonderful time!


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