Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Out and About: Miller & Carter Crewe

When Miller and Carter, Crewe got in touched and asked if I wanted to visit I jumped at the chance. Most Crewe residents will be familiar with the site on Crewe / Nantwich  Road and will have fond memories of the Deep Sea Den, college lunch time pints, breakfast and lunches as well as the beautiful architecture of the building itself. I decided to take my Mum, Luke and Fred along to see what Miller and Carter had done with the place and it's safe to say that we were pretty impressed.

This post is in collaboration with Miller and Carter and our meal was complimentary 


Monday, 4 March 2019

I live in Stroke-Limbo

I've suffered a brain injury and I have brain damage. That's something that I still can't get over saying; for me, brain damage and brain injuries were caused by things, things like accidents and traumas, actual traumas, the kind that hurt, that you feel and that are worse than the aftermath but that's not the case with Strokes. Strokes are sly, they sneak up on you, get you and within minutes of causing often pain-fee havoc, they leave you traumatised and injured. The real damage that Strokes cause happens afterwards, when your life is completely changed, your body doesn't work and you have no control over your emotions but somehow, (if you can of course) you have to muddle through and find a way of coping. 

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