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13 March 2019

When Miller and Carter, Crewe got in touched and asked if I wanted to visit I jumped at the chance. Most Crewe residents will be familiar with the site on Crewe / Nantwich  Road and will have fond memories of the Deep Sea Den, college lunch time pints, breakfast and lunches as well as the beautiful architecture of the building itself. I decided to take my Mum, Luke and Fred along to see what Miller and Carter had done with the place and it's safe to say that we were pretty impressed.

This post is in collaboration with Miller and Carter and our meal was complimentary 

I love a good steak but I'm banned from cooking it myself (there was this one tmime when I over-cooked steak and it ended up extra tough and tasting like fish) so unless Luke cooks, we mostly eat steak when we're out and if you don't know already, Miller and Carter is the place to go for a steak experience. Upon arrival we were guided to our table and very quickly given a high chair for the kiddo which was really nice, I always feel a little awkward having to ask or go hunting for one. I was pleased to notice that Miller and Carter had maintained the oldy-worldy vibe of the old Wistaston Manor but also classed it up a bit with the luxe decor and beautiful lighting. I don't know abut you but if I know I'm eating out I read the menu online beforehand because I love food and reading menus is pretty much a hobby; I had decided that I was going to go for the  8oz Sirloin Prime Steak Cut with Peppercron Sauce and a Buttermilk Ranch and Croutons dressing on my lettuce wedge, I asked for my steak to be cooked medium to well and my Mum, Rhiannon went for the same and Luke took a little (but too much) longer to decide on what he wanted with a slightly frustrating conversation where I had to explain what a lettuce wedge was. We ordered drinks (I had a glass of house red and Rhiannon had house white - both lovely wines and complimented the food well). In the end, Luke went for the 12oz Sirloin Steak and Freddie had some melty puffs and a bottle of milk whilst we waited for food to arrive. 

The food arrived in less that 20 minutes and looked incredible, all steaks come with a side of seasoned fries, a beef tomato and a slice of Onion Loaf which I can only describe as bing very similar to an onion bhaji and just as delicious, it went perfectly with the meat and was absolutely gorgeous when dipped in the Peppercorn sauce which was the perfect balance between gravy and pepper and had enough flavouring without being overpowering. Obviously I dipped some of my steak in Luke's Porcini Mushroom and Black Garlic Sauce and can confirm at was as good as the Peppercorn. Fred also enjoyed tasting the sauces with the fries he kept pinching and shouting loudly about because he clearly thought that they were the best fries ever and that Miller and Carter was the most exciting place ever...and he's not wrong.

The meat was cooked to perfection and exactly how we all wanted it. The issue with liking steak to be medium-well is that it can be on either of end of the scale and too much pink puts me off and overcooked isn't nice at all. Luke's steak was perfectly medium with a beautiful line of pink inside that he was happy with (and he's the fussy one). We all also noticed how good the steak knives were, they glided through the meat like a dream and looked pretty cool at the same time. We all tucked into out meal in almost silence (if it wasn't for Fred shouting about his fries). I am one of those people who has been blessed with a separate dessert stomach and had to go for the  Belgian Chocolate Brownie with pecan praline ice cream and a Belgian dark chocolate shard; having kids means sharing and Freddie has inherited my dessert stomach and an absolute uncontrollable passion for chocolate and ice cream, we both gave our dessert a strong 10/10. Luke ordered the Silverpail Ice Cream and Cookie and gobbled it down before he had to share too much with the dessert monster but he also gave it a 10/10. Rhiannon isn't too keen on sweets so asked for "another massive glass of wine" and was more than thrilled with the results. 

The service really completed the experience, the staff were friendly and attentive without being overbearing, they were excellent with Freddie and managed to coax lots of smiles out of him. We asked our server to give the chefs feedback about how good the food was and she said to listen out for the bell to ring, (they ring the bell as acknowledgement of our compliments) we soon heard the bell ring and really enjoyed this little detail. We found the pricing of the menu more than reasonable and affordable, you certainly get what you pay for. I can't wait to visit again in the summer and enjoy the outside seating but I'm sure we'll be taking advantage of the cosy indoor vibe before then.

Thank you for having us Miller and Carter 


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