Norvell Tanning Venetian Self Tan Mousse & Revive Self Refining Scrub

24 April 2019

Guess who's back, with a tan, yes it's me talkin' 'bout tan, about tan about tan about tan. 
I was dead excited to be GIFTED this Norvell self-tanning mousse and Ultra Skin Refining scrub; so excited that I thought it was a fab idea to try it on a Saturday evening...on top of patchy old the garden...after two glasses of wine. It turns out that it was a good idea because there's something about the formula of the Norvell Tan mousse that makes it fool proof and not just your bog standard fool proof, we're talking isabelle-fox-top-tier-fool fool proof and that my friends is pretty impressive.

 Ultra Vivid Revive Skin Refining Scrub 

We all know that I'm not the best at applying tan and we know that this is because is because I lack three skills / qualities that are needed to be a good self tanner: patience, attention to detail and shame. This lack of skills has meant that on more than one occasion I have been left with absolute awful tan disasters, 2010 was a bad year for tan as I spent the majority of it orange with a very patchy neck but my afore mentioned lack of shame allowed me to carry on regardless. These days I mostly apply my tan sober after a good exfoliate and I make sure that my mitt isn't a million years old and I have a little routine to try and ensure that I've covered all the places that I need to. The most annoying thing about self tan has to be the patches that are left when you're between tans, most often there is nothing that can get rid of some of these patches, for me its the ones in the creases of elbows, arm pits and at the back and side of my knees *see image below* I'm not lying when I tell you that I've used a dish sponge on myself to get rid of tan stains before now (do not recommend). Eagerly applying the mousse on Saturday evening on top of old tan meant that I had created an extra patchy later to put the Skin Reviving Scrub to the test...and it passed. 

The scrub is part of the Ultra Vivid collection and is best used 24hrs before tanning and with a washcloth (it won't work without) apply the scrub to the washcloth and use all over the body in light circling motions. I was pleasantly surprised that it worked instantly and the previously hard to move patches of old tan and dead skin scrubbed off easily and left my skin smooth and fresh thanks to the anti-oxidants infused in the creamy formula. The formula is also paraben  and sulfate free, 100% vegan and made with environmentally friendly micro scrubbies so you've got some totally guilt free skin scrubbing going on there. 

Venetian Sunless Mousse 

The Norvell Venetian range will forever be one of my favourite tans to use for the groundbreaking violet and brown toned bronzers in the formula that ensure no 2010 orange disasters are repeated. The shade is created to mimic the skin colours found on the European Riviera and I can confirm that it develops into a beautifully natural and deep brown that thanks to the violet pigments, compliments my naturally cool toned skin, leaving 2010 Issy very much in 2010.

The paradise breeze scent lingers as the tan develops and doesn't leave any trace of that old biscuit smell that self tans are renowned for. This one actually smells pleasant, more than pleasant, it's nice and something that I don't actually mind smelling off. The mousse contains a stain so it's easy to see where you've already tanned, I found the stain subtle enough to get away with wearing (and leaving the house) during the developing stage especially when applied  after the scrub because skin becomes a fresh canvas ready for a layer of tanned goodness. Norvell advise leaving the tan for 6-8 hours to develop and thanks to the quick drying of the solution, it's safe to sleep in and doesn't transfer onto bedding or people...or cats.

Once washed away I found a perfectly even layer of bronzed tan that lasted a week before I popped a second layer on to keep it going. Using the scrub every few days to make sure my skin was exfoliated and then moisturising as normal allowed my tan to stay even and my skin to stay fresh. This meant that I was able to maintain the level of tan I wanted without having to resort to dish sponges and starting all over again. If you're looking for a dead easy to apply tan that won't turn you orange then is the one. 


  1. See I think I could use this without being turned into a tango monster and I think I might just need to try it!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. I haven't heard of this brand before but it sounds great! I tan every week all year round and hate tans that come off in patches so this sounds like a great option xx


  3. Sounds really great! I personally haven't used these before

    Candice x

  4. I'm loving that it doesn't leave that weird biscuit scent. That always puts me off trying new self tanning products.

  5. I really need a good tan, my legs especially!

  6. The scrub sounds fab as I also hate that you get those weird patches left over x

  7. I've never used a fake tan...i'm pretty sure I'd be useless at applying it!
    Em x

  8. Glad you've found one that works for you :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  9. This sounds so good. So glad you like it. x

  10. I'm so guilty of putting tan on top of tan haha. This sounds lovely!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  11. I've wanted to try Norvell for a while, they've launched a water recently too that looks really nice! x

  12. I can’t believe I’ve not even heard of this! It sounds fab though.

  13. Okay I need that scrub in my life! x


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