Pick 'n Melt Raffle and review a year later

I reviewed Pick 'n Melt almost a year ago to the day on this blog and back then I couldn't shout about their products loud enough. I worked with them as a blogger for the remainder of the year and was lucky to be gifted and array of wax melts, the advent calendar and a festive gift set. This could make some readers think that I'm raving about a product because I'm obliged to, but that's not the case. Not around these parts anyway, I wouldn't have continued working with Pick 'n Melt if I didn't think that they are the best thing since sliced bread and they wouldn't have continued to work with me because we've both got 'tegrity init. 

Pick n' Melt Stroke Association Raffle 

A whole year of working with a brand and getting to know the people behind the business is a long time and I like to count them  as some of my internet family; they've been so supportive of me with the round of bad luck I've had the past year and especially with my stroke recovery. They've been so generous that they've provided an amazing hamper as a raffle prize to help fundraise for The Stroke Association, such a kind gesture that makes me feel a bit emotional if I'm honest. You can enter the raffle with just a £2 donation here and find out exactly what's in the hamper here. In total you could be winning £50 worth of products and all you need to really get into the Pick 'n Melt way of life. 

As well as blogging with Pick 'n Melt for a year, I've also still remained a massive fan and customer. I still stand my previous statement that their wax melts are better than high street brands and a fraction of the price. The melts last for much longer than brands such as Glade and Yankee (I've tried and tested them) The scents aren't overpowering but fill a room / floor. I'm personally head over heals in love with the Fresh Linen and Clean Cotton scents that last for just over a week even when melted every day and have a warmer in every room apart from mine and Freddie's (which makes me thing that I need to get on for our room really). 

10 reasons why I love Pick 'n Melt 

I bloody love wax melts and light them as soon as I come in from work or being out or, first thing if I'm staying in for a bit. As well as making my home smell like actual heaven they have also improved / arguably saved my life in the following ways:

  • When Albert or Cecil do a massive shit I am saved from the horrific smell my the wax melting away in the warmer 
  • When I want to pretend that I've done the laundry and not just hidden in it in the hamper in the cupboard I can melt some fresh linen and relax with a brew 
  • I created a festive grotto over the christmas season with all the seasonal scents such as mince pies and frankincense and spiced apple 
  •  When The landlord wanted to inspect the flat and we needed to hide the evidence of the cats that we don't have, the glorious scent of melted wax soon distracted from the musty cat wee smell that always follows house cats around 
  • Baby Powder is one of my favourite melts to have in the bathroom, there is nothing better than the smell of baby toiletries and having a room constantly smell like a clean baby when he's probably downstairs covered in Spag Bol is ideal 
  • I have my large wax warmer in the dining room which is the room that our front door directly opens into and having a melt warming in there whenever we're home means that guests are immediately greeted with a beautiful Pick 'n Melt scent is the perfect welcome 
  • Warmers can also be used outside (in nice weather) I've popped a warmer on our outside table and chairs in the warmer evenings and the smell along with the light has been lovely and atmospheric 
  • Melts can mask a multitude of bad smells from dirty nappies to burnt food and stinky guests 
  • Unlike some melts that Ive tested, Pick 'n Melt's don't overpower a room and make you choke and this is coming from someone who has four warmers going in the house at one time 
  • When we moved house the house smelt funny, not bad just not our home so I immediately unpacked a warmer and melted a favourite scent to make us feel more at home 

So there you have it, a year later and I'm still as obsessed with Pick 'n Melt, so grateful to have worked with them and even more grateful for the support with my fundraising. Don't forget to enter the raffle and have a look at everything else that Pick 'n Melt have here


  1. They sound great! I don't think I've ever tried wax melts, which is ridiculous! xx

  2. I'm going to have to try these out. I love the idea of picking up loads of different scents and it looks like there's a good variety of scents availble.

  3. I love wax melts, it is so easy to switch between scents too, or mix scents, which is great

  4. I'd never heard of these guys before until you started talking about them and now I feel like I know them really well thanks to you x

  5. It's good to hear that the scents are overpowering - there is nothing worse!
    Em x

  6. You have me really wanting to try them! I need to try out their melts soon - because I love a melt!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. Ooh I've never tried wax melts but love candles and diffusers so might have to give these a go :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  8. Ohh I have never tried Wax Melts. I must. x

  9. OK i am LOLing at your first reason hahaha! These sound so lovely! I've used some in the past and they totally stick in my throat so love that these don't sound too overpowering!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  10. I always here you talking about these they do sound really good plus super generous with the raffle - will be entering x

  11. They sound lovely! Wax melts last for so long too!


  12. I’m in love with the simplicity of the packaging, it’s pretty tempting! Thank you for sharing.

  13. I've never actually tried melts before so I'll have to check these out x