10 weird things that my 1 year old did this week

23 May 2019

Babies are weird, like scary weird. As much as they're cute and all that they often weird and freaky things that make you laugh out of nervousness because otherwise you might end up having a breakdown or calling a priest. Here's ten weird things my kid has done this week:

1. Tries to feed something that I can't see. Whatever it is stands to the right of him when he's in his high chair and is a good girl. I'm chalking it down to imagination because the other option is a bit too scary for me. 

2. Deliberately bangs his head on the floor or wall to make himself cry if his tantrum isn't working 

3. Growls at me, usually in public places when there's plenty of people to hear 

4. He doesn't understand what his shadow is and thinks it's a little baby in the wall chasing him, at least it keeps him occupied for a while 

5. Wants to play with anything that isn't his like knives, hot drinks and anything else that might be harmful

6. Has absolutely no sense of danger and will willingly fling himself off the sofa or anyone's shoulders but will cry if he falls over whilst crawling

7. Tries to drink my coffee as often as possible

8. Shouts 'Yes' if I say no but still calls me A Hag instead of Mama 

9. Tells me, daily that his Auntie's dog Oscar is a good dog 

10. Eats cat biscuits


  1. Ha ha! I laughed out loud at the banging his head if his tantrum isn't working! The divil! xx

  2. YUM. Cat Biscuits. Mine told me that I'm lucky i'm a girl - because boys willy's get stuck to their balls. LOVELY!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. Aww so adorable! I am looking forward to having my own bundle of joy someday.

    Candice x


  4. He's adorable! My little girl keeps telling people that she has a sore bottom. Like, complete strangers. She doesn't. She's not right.

  5. Cat biscuits are very tasty though tbf x

  6. Haha calling you a Hag. Sooo funny x

  7. A hag...that's so funny...but not!!
    Em x

  8. Love the thought of a growling baby!

  9. OMG the first one would freak me out too.
    He’s so funny.


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