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14 May 2019

I've said it before and I'll say it again; giving birth isn't the most delightful experience, the outcome is worth it but the aftermath can be pretty traumatic in itself and leave new mums in a pretty vulnerable state. We all know how Fred's birth went down and the subsequent dramas that ensued but I never really talked about my stay in hospital. I was only in for just over 24 hours but those few hours in the ward was an experience in itself. From arguing new parents, screaming mums and babies, my burning bits and the Bounty woman creeping in and out of  the bay, it was something I won't forget.

This post is in collaboration with Bott and Co.

Picture this, I'm sort of sitting on the bed, more squatting over it because I'm too scared to put any actual pressure on my bum and sit down because there are approximately ten thousand stitches holding me closed; I haven't got my hospital bag, my bits are on fire and I'm looking at this little thing that I just pushed out wondering what the hell to do with him, or my bits and wondering where food is because I am starving. Whilst I'm pondering how to deal with my brand new life as though it's a shock that I gave birth, like I didn't plan it or spend the past nine months expecting it, this woman appears out of nowhere with a camera in one hand and some kind of lucky bag in the other.

She offers to take a photo of Fred (like I haven't already filled up my phone memory and cloud with photos of him) in a pain-induced daze (the meds hadn't been round yet) I politely declined her offer of a photoshoot, explained that I didn't have a card or cash on me to pay and that my snap happy mum would be returning with her own massive camera later. The woman/magician then pulled out an Ipad and asked for some details "to sign me up" and perched herself on my bed, probably out of jealousy that she could perch I told her I didn't want to sign up and pretended that I needed the loo (I didn't, I was still terrified to pee at this point) and she moved on to the woman next to me

I'm glad that I didn't sign up to Bounty there and then because it has come to light that Bounty have illegally breached approximately 34.4 million data records belonging to 14 million people in recent years. These records including babies dates of birth, pregnancy statuses and postal and email addresses have been sold on to large companies such as Indicia and Sky. If you've signed up to Bounty and have received an influx of marketing emails in your inbox then the chances are that Bounty are to blame. I'm not often surprised when companies sell on personal data but it makes me feel especially uncomfortable that Bounty who are in some people's experiences renowned for preying on women when they're arguably at their most vulnerable are going on to further abuse that position by passing on confidential information for financial gain.

More shockingly, thousands if not millions of parents are totally unaware of this breach in Data Protection. whilst Bounty have been fined £400,000 by the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office), the damage of this data misuse has already been done, sold and used by other companies. Thankfully, Bott and Co are working together to create a group legal claim for those affected, if you feel that this is you then sign up here. Bott and Co are working on a no win no fee basis, having recently been featured on the Money Show and having excellent feedback from customers they have proved that they are a reliable solicitors passionate about consumer rights, Coby Benson, Solicitor at Bott and Co says “Personal data is being lost, stolen and compromised on a mass scale and at an alarming rate – and it is simply not acceptable. In this case, Bounty sold its customers’ data for its own financial gains, which is shocking. We’re starting group legal action against Bounty as it has breached data protection laws by sharing personal and potentially sensitive information of millions of parents and parents-to-be.” Read more about the Bott and Co's plan of action here and don't hesitate to contact them if you have any queries.


  1. That's shocking! From start to finish - trying to get you to sign up when you're vulnerable and then sharing the info! Unreal! xx

    Beautylymin | BeeGood Skincare Bundle Giveaway

  2. Whaaaat, oh my gosh that's terrible! x

  3. Oh my! This is shocking! Thanks for the info.

    Candice x


  4. OMG that is absolutely awful!!! x

  5. They actually come into the wards?! I could be wrong but I don't think they're allowed to do that in Scotland? That's bloody awful. Even my midwife warned me not to sign up as I'd be hounded with rubbish through my door for very little in return.

  6. I need to look into this asap as I think it's awful they harvested people's data x

  7. That's just awful - especially when new Mummys are not always thinking straight after their new arrival
    Em x

  8. SO proud that my trust doesn't allow Bounty in anyway in the hospitals, they have no advertisements at all - I love it!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  9. I always hear things about Bounty but I don't even remember seeing a Bounty rep in any of the wards I was in HOORAY x

  10. WHAT?! These people can walk up and down wards when you've just given birth trying to sell you stuff!! That doesn't sound right to me, i've actually never heard of this before in my life. I wonder if the rules are different in Scotland. I'm so intrigued by this now, I'll need to ask my friends (with babies) if this happened to them!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  11. That’s outrageous to do that.
    Especially as you say finding women in such a vulnerable time.



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