How I use Crystals

I've on and off been using / wearing / having crystals around for years but it's only since having a baby that I've properly researched the use of crystals and noticed how they affect me and can be used. I'm a firm believer in a bit of old school magic and love looking into natural remedies and ways to cope and overcome things without medical intervention; don't get me wrong, I'm the first to pop a paracetamol when I've got a banging headache and you won't ever find me swapping my anti-platelets for anything else but I genuinely find that using crystals has benefited me in many ways.

Do crystals actually work? 

I believe that the effectiveness of the use of crystals is dependant on the individual and their personal beliefs and openness to it. A few studies have shown that people who are more spiritually inclined and believe that crystals hold healing and beneficial powers are more likely to reap the benefits over those that don't, arguing that there is a possible placebo effect; if that's the case and people are still finding them useful then I don't see a problem, whether it be magic or entirely psychological, if people are finding comfort then let them be. 

How do Crystals work?

I'm by all means not and expert on this at all but after some research I can tell you that crystals are said to work by interacting with the body's energies or chakras to create balance, promote healing, relax and help with concentration etc. There are so many crystals that have a variety of strengths and uses that I bet that you can pretty much find one or a selection that can help with anything. I use specific crystals for specific reasons and by researching the benefits of crystals I know which one to wear on a day depending on my mood and needs. 

How can crystals be used?

In so many ways, a few that looked up are worn, carried around, held, chucked in the bath, meditated with, used for rituals or just kept in a particular space. I opt for mostly wearing crystals because they're pretty AF and I feel as though I get the best use out of them. I don't meditate and I don't do any rituals so wearing them is the most efficient way for me to get some crystal healing in my life. I do carry a few healing crystals in my bag but the one (or two) that I wear on a day is the one that I feel or intend to get the most energy from. 

Some people programme their crystals with intention, this is a way of instructing with what you want to use them for; this isn't something that I tend to do as I sort of accidentally found that crystals work for me (I'll get into that a bit later). Like phones, crystals need to be charged and like your face, they need to be cleansed. Crystals are said to do a lot with removing and holding unwanted energies and those energies need somewhere to go, there's many ways to charge and cleanse crystals; I like to leave mine out in moonlight but some people use rituals, cleansing sprays and lots of other methods. There are some crystals that don't hold negative energy and never need charging which is handy. 

Where to get Crystals?

You can find crystals everywhere but it's important to make sure that you use reputable sellers that you know are sending you genuine stones. As I wear most of my stones I get them from Roses and Whisky, Jessica hand-makes all her jewellery and sources the crystals from reputable sellers, each piece is always bespoke and the love and care put into her products is obvious from her Instagram. Roses and Whisky also has a really handy Crystal Index if you're unsure of what you need and Jessica is always on hand to answer any questions that you have, when she's not busy silver-smithing (is that the word?) away. Other good places to find crystals is Etsy, smaller sellers and usually those who practice witchcraft., Wicca or are more spiritual have the most knowledge and send charged and positive crystals. 

What crystals do I use?

I have a small collection of crystals but the most effective ones for me are Citrine, Amethyst, Moonstone and Lapis Lazuli. I properly got into the use of Crystals after I had Freddie and was struggling with my mood, whilst I was loving life as a Mum I wasn't coping with the emotional and hormonal transition and wanted to find a more natural method of helping. I also felt that my fluctuating moods were unsettling Freddie so I researched crystals that would help both of us. Since my stroke I've really gotten into healing crystals and and have used them as a way to tackle the panic and anxiety that I've been suffering as well as trying to help heal my knackered brain. 

Amethyst is said to be a great all round kind of stone, I bought it for both me and Freddie as it's listed as one of his birth stones but also connected to mine so it seemed ideal for both of us. Amethyst is ideal for drawing out negative energies and creating protection it is also said to;
  • Relieve stress 
  • Calm those who tend to be easily angered 
  • Identify the root causes behind negative behaviours 
Interestingly it is said that it used to be used to help with addictions and is also known as the Sobriety Stone, in addition to this it's also used to treat headaches and arthritis as well as be used for general pain relief.

Moonstone is my stone, Cancer is my sun and moon signs there probably isn't a stone more suited to me and I definitely feel the benefits when wearing it. It's said to be the stone for "new beginnings" and and invoke inner strength and growth; it's a stone that I've been wearing almost daily since my stroke to give me that little boost especially when I'm feeling down to overwhelmed. Some of it's other healing properties include;

  • Fertility - calming the mind and balancing female hormones (I wish I knew this a while ago)
  • Alleviates stress and anxiety 
  • Soothes fever and chest infections 
  • Helps with handling change 
Moonstone is also said to be the Travellers Stone for it's protective benefits, it's also good for protecting from nightmares and fear of the dark. It is said that like the moon, moonstone has a dark and light side and can amplify the negative as well as the positive so it's important that it gets cleansed regularly. 

Citrine has to be my favourite stone, I noticed small changed when I first started wearing it when Fred was tiny but since I've had some panic and anxiety it's worked absolute wonders at making me feel calm and relaxed, so much so that as well as wearing my pendant when I need to, I always wear citrine ring. I noticed on the days that I wasn't wearing any citrine I felt more anxious and this was almost immediately alleviating when I wore it again, placebo, coincidence or magic...whatever it is, it works. Some other properties include;
  • Increases creativity and imagination 
  • Attracts love and happiness 
  • Protects against negative energies

Citrine is also known as the Merchants Stone or the Success Stone for it's ability to attract good fortune. 

Lapis Lazuli was added to my collection purely for it's healing properties in relation to stroke recovery. Hearing that it can help with all aspects of brain injury from communication issues, brain function and general healing I've been keen to use it to help with my own recovery and help spark some more brain activity and get those cells regenerated. It also has other healing properties like;
  • Curing insomnia 
  • Healing relationships 
  • Balancing engergies 
  • Helping overcome trauma 

The Ancient Egyptians valued Lapis Lazuli higher than gold and it was among one of the most highly prized tributes and mined and worked from around 4000 B.C - cool fact, eh. 

Bloodstone was a very quick addition after my Antiphospholipid Syndrome diagnosis, having sticky blood that clots morethan most means that I needed something that could balance my blood out and promote health, healing and positive energy. I'm not meeting my rheumatologist until July so getting a crystal for this condition is pretty much the only thing that I can do to try and make myself feel better, and it's worked. 

  • Detoxifying 
  • Healing 
  • Grounding 
In the ancient world, Bloodstone (Heliotrope) was considered to be the most beautiful of the Jaspers, a deep, earthy green gem emboldened with spots of bright red. Called the Sun Stone, and later Christ’s Stone, its energy carries the purity of blood and inherently speaks of life and birth, vitality and strength, passion and courage. As a talisman it is both mystical and magical, and its virtues are protective and nurturing. (Bloodstone meaning).

I have a few other crystals in my collection that I leave around the house or in my bag depending on my mood. If you're into natural remedies and healing or pretty jewellery then I really recommend getting into crystals as well as being a but magical they're also really cool. 


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