Ditching the nappy bag with Gaston Luga [GIFTED]

24 October 2019

This post contains gifted items
The best thing about having a baby (aside from the actual baby) was when he started to walk because it means I don't have to carry a mini suitcase everywhere I go for every eventually and I can finally say goodbye to the nappy bag and opt for something a bit more stylish thanks to the Gaston Luga. Fred the toddler is toddling and we try and get out and about without the buggy as much as possible because it's a pain in the backside and Fred loves exploring. This does mean that I need to wear a backpack and have my hands free to catch and scoop up my crazy little human when he's doing mental stuff like trying to run into roads and diving in puddles (head first). Whilst I'm acting like a riot police officer, shepherd and MMA fighter I like to try and maintain some personal style and dignity.

I'm a handbag kind of woman, after months of not very subtle hints I persuaded bribed my ex into buying me my first designer bag at the airport on the way to holiday after explaining how much of a discount he we were getting at the duty free and how he'd practically saved money. Since then I'd started a career with a decent income and was able to treat myself to fancy bag here and there to make me feel like I almost had my life together. The arrival of Fred soon changed things and I found myself hooking a large an unattractive bag over the pram bursting at the zip with baby provisions for every eventuality and the days of feeling a bit sophisticated were soon behind me.

Thankfully Gaston Luga have come to the rescue with some higher end  bags that also look and feel fabulous. I was very kindly gifted the Classy backpack and chose black and pink, the backpack is made from water resistant nylon and contains plenty of room inside for Fred's stuff and mine. I like to take as little stuff as possible out with us so our bag usually contains a few nappies, wipes, nappy bags a change of trousers and top a small toy (or two), a water bottle and my phone, purse and keys as well as any make-up bits and bobs that I need. I'm not a regular back pack wearer so find lugging my valuables around on my back a little insecure, the Classy bag as a hidden pocket on the back that's perfect for storing things like cameras and phones. In typical Swedish style, the Classy back pack is practical and extra-stylish, I don't feel like a mum-bot carrying it around and finally feel like I almost have my life together.The Classy bag also came with a free passport holder, my passport might be slightly missing at the moment but I've been using the holder to keep my Warfarin book handy thus making blood thinners a little more glam. Classy bags now come with a free travel bag, perfect for any cosmetic essentials.

If you want to bag yourself (see what I did there?) a bargain, you can get yourself 15% off all Gaston Luga products with the code ISSYBELLE15 


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