Galentine's Day with Angeleye [AD]

27 January 2020

This year will be my first Valentine’s Day as a single person in almost five years; you’d think that I’d be filled with some sadness about it but I feel the complete opposite. During the past five years I didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, getting my birthday remembered was enough of a chore so extra dates in between that and Christmas were  a waste of time. This year is very different, I want to celebrate everything and enjoy Valentine’s day as a single woman who’s happy without cupid and his little bow. With that in mind, Angeleye very kindly gifted me the perfect Girl’s night outfit from their Valentine’s Day Outfits collection.

I chose the black and orange floral satin jumpsuit to wear on my night out because the style looks effortlessly comfortable whilst looking formal enough to leave the house in. I’m picky when it comes to jumpsuits, it really has to be something special to convince me that it’s worth getting half naked in a toilet every time I need a pee and conveniently, this one is. The most appealing feature to me was the synched in waist, I have a very slim frame but any upper curves that I used to have vanished after pregnancy but this fit allows me to create more of an hourglass silhouette that I am alright about, another key feature is the sleeves, we all love some cute capped sleeves, they add an element of modesty which I like because the days where I wear as little as possible to go out are long gone (can 2020 be the year where pyjama pubs are a thing please?). 

I also need to mention that this jumpsuit has pockets because everything with pockets is immediately made 30% better and in addition to that, it’s also true to size, I wear a UK size 8 and I am most pleased that the legs aren’t riding up my calf and my private parts aren’t being highlighted for the world to see (another flaw in the jumpsuit world if you ask me). I feel fabulous in this jumpsuit, the quality is excellent and I shall enjoy dancing the night away and ruining naughties R&B anthems in it whilst drinking slightly too much and having an absolute blast. 

If you’re feeling down about being single AF this year and the sight of chocolate roses, teddy bears and ‘you’re the one cards’ is making you feel a bit queasy then get your mates together, order yourself a new outfit and go and celebrate you because as our Queen Ru says, “If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”. In 2019 I dwelled, maudled and cried this year, I’m going to smile, laugh and enjoy life because it really is too short to be doing anything else.

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