I tried Russian Lashes

24 January 2020

I decided that this year I was going to try new things in the land of beauty and I've delved, eyelid first, into the land of lashes and it has been a wild ride. I'm only on week one of having massive clumps of hair stuck to my eyelids and and I've gained the nickname 'Beep, Beep' at work, been advised to wash them thoroughly for fear of lice and can't stop stroking them.

1 week after application 

I currently have Russian lashes stuck to my face, 

I won't lie, until I did some research and by research, I mean a very quick google and taking the first result as fact, I thought that russian lashes were the long lashes that impoverished Russian women had sold to make a living and I did have a short moral dilema. As it happens, they're synthetic lashes just extra fine and applied loads and loads and loads and loads of times to create a really full and fanned out look. Stacey from Fresh by Fletch applied my lashes; after seeing lots of the women I  know walking around with fluttering these full and fabulous lashes I decided (very much on a whim) that I wanted in on the action and Stacey popped around with a bag fully of tiny hairs and popped them on my face. I can't tell you how the process was undertaken because I was lying there having a relaxing time with my eyes shut whilst we bitched about crap dads. Stacey took 45 minutes to make me look like a Disney princess and was really professional and friendly. I didn't even cry that much afterwards - the residue glue once you open your eyes at the end isn't the best experience to have but it is bearable. If anyone in Crewe is looking for a fabulous, flexible and friendly lash tech, Stacey is your woman.

Just after application, complete with eye-goo - photo nicked from Stacey's FB without permission 

Let's talk about my personal experience with having massive Russian lashes; during the first few hours I could feel them, my vision was framed by two fluffy ovals and they tickled my eyelid but weren't uncomfortable - I just needed to adjust to them. You can't get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours and I had been very wise and avoided makeup on the day they were applied (clever Issy). The following morning I woke up to Fred shouting "YAK YAAAAK" and as I went to rub my eyes I jumped back in horror, thinking that a tarantula had decided to nest in my eye...no, it was just my massive Russian lashes. Fearing that I'd ruined me new lewk, I neglected my yak-shouting child and bolted it to the bathroom to have a look at my eyes, the lashes were still there, fuller than ever and I went on with my day. The benefit of having massive Russian lashes is that I don't really need to wear eye make-up; 1. I you wouldn't really be able to see it because of my massive Russian lashes 2. i'm not sure how to get behind my massive Russian lashes to blend anything in and 3. it's saved me loads of time in the morning, I've just shoved some CC cream on, given my lashes and hair a quick brush and popped off to work.

I have to say, work has been somewhat of a struggle,

being a gobby little cow with a sharp tongue and few boundaries means that, when the time is right, my colleagues can come back at me, and come back at me they did. Comments such as "are they weighing you down?" and receiving emails with photos of cars with lashes not to mention the several offers to trim them ensued. Jokes aside, there have been some struggles with the lashes, I need to wear glasses so that I can be really detailed in cocking up my job and the massive Russian lashes kept acting as windscreen wipers on the inside of my specs or, getting stuck and making me look like I could've been having a stroke all over again. To conclude, there is a slight possibility that massive Russian lashes aren't appropriate for work for practicality and abuse reasons. 

Homelife with the lashes has been much easier, I'm at a point now where I've  forgotten that they're there and only remember when I catch a glimpse of my reflection and recoil in shock. There have been four casualties that I've noticed so far, RIP little eye mates but despite my constantly rubbing, tugging and forgetting about them they've stuck around. Losing a few has softened the look a bit and I think I prefer them looking less full.

I'm not sure if I'll be getting infills on this set 

but I am definitely into this whole lash extension thing, I've not had to pick mascara off my lashes (we all do it, don't lie) for a week, I've barely worn make-up and even though massive Russian lashes aren't very me, I really do like the look of having fuller and longer lashes and can confirm that Lash Extensions are Issy approved ✓ you're welcome. 

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  1. I got my first set of lashes 2 years ago but they weren't Russian volume - a bit more subtle but the next time I went for the full on lash look and I adore them! I've been getting them on and off for around 18 months now and they make life so much easier! They look absolutely gorgeous on you! x

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