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4 March 2020

Disclaimer: this post contains an Aff link that isn't mine - this means that any orders made via the link will reward the owner of the link, my cousin and homeslice with a little bit of commission okay? Okay. 

Let's start this off with my admittance that I'm not a fan of MLM schemes, if you're a mum on instagram and your inbox hasn't been filled up with message like "hey mama, want to know I became a millionaire in week via selling sh*t on facebook" then you'll know why I avoid them. However, when my cousin set up her Bubble and Blow page I was intrigued. After raving about the products Jess decided to become and affiliate and when Jess does something, she goes all in and her page soon became a hub of activity with giveaways almost daily and various games and competitions throughout the week. The page has become a little community and the products aren't even the primary focus and I think that's why Jess smashes her sales and manages to make a little income from a hobby and tbh, hats off to her. 

Where I've been able to afford to, I've been a supportive cousin and bought some bits but most of the things I've had have been from competition wins; The bubble dusts are an absolute favourite of mine, they're colourful, smell great and leave my skin oily but, they're addictive - I had to hold off buying more before I needed a colourful bath every time. My all time favourite product is the soap sponge which pretty much explains itself - it's a massive sponge that is also a bar of soap and it is perfect for scrubbing away fake tan and making sure it fades evenly, if you're wanting to try anything from the range then I really recommend this. The bath bombs are equally brilliant, Bruce the shark was a firm favourite in our house and I've also used a tub turd and have an ugly baby thing that I can't part with. 

More recently, Jess has set up a brilliant initiative in the group following from the recent waves of encouragement to be kind currently going across social media, group members are posting an item that they would like from the range and people are anonymously buying each other gifts. I thought this was a brilliant idea but didn't imagine it to take off the way that it did, before long almost everyone had been gifted the item that they wanted (including me so thank you to whoever it was) and the page soon became a hub of people who were excited to give, rather than to receive and was truly heartwarming to see and be a part of. 

Then, Jess announced that any commission from the sales of the gifts would be donated to a charity very close to her hearts: Autism Inclusive; not only are people being kind AF and buying anonymous gifts for each other but they're also raising money for charity and it's been really heart warming to be  a part of. it just goes to show affiliate schemes can be positive when run by the right people so, if you're looking to try some new bath products, join a little community and raise some money charity head over to the Facebook group, or Jess' Bubble and Blow page.

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