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Issy Belle Fox 

Issy Belle Fox started in 2014 thanks a close friend and fellow blogger who inspired me to justify my excessive spending habits by blogging about them. Beginning life as Belle Beauty, because we all need a generic blog name to kick things off, I soon found myself writing more lifestyle based posts as well as fashion and whatever else took my fancy. Issy Belle Fox was then given it's new name - if you haven't got it already, my name is Isabelle Fox; that's that sorted. In this blog you'll find beauty reviews where I pretend to know everything about makeup, fashion posts where I pretend I'm a model and lifestyle posts where I pretend I know everything. Luke The Fiance has also made an appearance on the blog and has been coerced into creating his own section entitled Man Corner in an attempt to make Issy Belle Fox more accessible to guys because the Blogopshere is definitely out numbered by rose gold addicted and avocado eating women - not that there's anything wrong with that. 


I am a 26 year old sassy moonchild from up north living down south in Bedfordshire. I have a degree in English and Education Studies and am one of those career gals with experience in marketing, social media and outreach.
My interests aside from blogging include, tweeting streams of consciousness, pretending life is perfectly filtered via instagram, harassing my fiance on snapchat and drinking hazelnut lattes. My less narcissistic hobbies include, working out (because I can't have just on custard cream), astrology, yoga and reading. I have a slight case of misanthropy and anything animal related generally makes me cry - just the thought of the Fox and the Hound makes me well up. When I'm not at work I can usually be found in my room wearing a boho poncho listening to Fleetwood Mac, taking photos of beauty products and sipping on a cup of coffee with nails as black as my soul. 


Luke is a 25 year old ex sailor (I wish he still wore the uniform) with a love for Nando's that nothing compares to. He's currently working in the health and social care sector and is specialist in adults with autism. When he's not being cyber bullied by me he can usually be found on his xbox talking nonsense with his mates and eating pistachios. He's a keen musician and plays the guitar as well as sings and records his own music - I'd say he's a mix between James Morrison and Ed Sheeran, he thinks he's all of One Direction. When he's not being harassed by me or on his Xbox Luke can be's singing along to a cheesy cover by Boyce Avenue whilst messing around with his ridiculously smokey vape machine thing and generally fixing things around the house that I've broken. Luke posts in Man Corner (when he can be bothered) about all things man-related such as, losing his hair, male beauty products, fashion and the life and times of being a modern-day gent. 

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