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Started in 2013 after I'd graduated from uni and was looking for something to do outside of my call centre job and binge watching Real Housewives and as a means to justify my overspending on make-up and beauty products, this blog soon grew with me and I've candidly shared my experiences with infertility, pregnancy, stroke recovery and more recently: getting to grips with being a single mum. As well as probably sharing too much of my life online I also review places to visit in Cheshire, try and have a go at being a beauty blogger and even sometimes a fashion icon. 

Fred and I live in our little house in Crewe with Cecil the sassy cat, Fred is two years old and likes cars, lorries, diggers, helicopters, anything with sirens, Arthur the lamb and chocolate cake. He goes to nursery four days a week and wreaks havoc whilst I try and keep a job; when we're together, he's usually trying to break the world record for the most toys played with one room at one time and I'm following him around tripping over them and trying to pick them up. 

When I'm not cleaning chocolate stains off the sofa or guessing what bodily fluid has stained my clothes, you'll often find me being an absolute idiot on Instagram stories and sometimes even having a bash at that vlogging lark. I also thoroughly enjoy ruining fake tan, eating chicken nuggets, drinking guinness and worrying about money.

Work with us 

We love collaborating with brands; we've worked with Soap and Glory, McDonalds, Your Baby Cub UK, Norvell tanning and Intu Potteries to name a few. We do accept products in return for reviews but are always honest about our thoughts; we also accept paid for blog posts and Instagram posts. If you want to know more about our rates, insights and chats just bob an email over to bellebellefox@gmail.com. I reply to emails within a few hours (Fred can't do that yet) and have a pretty quick turn around on content. 

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